The Word of God.

The Greatest Book in all Existence

Clearly written in a book is The Word of God. Words which has stood the test of time and covenantal to those who believe in it. It is said that such a book holds the key to Life and Death, Health and Wealth, Wisdom and Understanding. It narrates tales of when men lived for hundreds of years, were strong and mighty, standing before the creator himself, doing his bidding as he commands. It also tells the extent of His anger, rescue of His people, His miracles and prophecies and His ‘Word” for redemption.

The unfailing book which contains God’s verbal revelations, The Bible, further expresses His redemptive words, whether in spoken or written historic documents. Seeing how mighty and true the content in which this book holds, it has been for generations, the most powerful and popular collection of writings known to man. Grass withers and flowers fade, but his words stands in every weather. The greatness of this book shows the eminence of the one who made it known to all. It is therefore an all time testimony that whatever concerns him knows no bounds. 

Breaking barriers, conquering nations, uprooting leaders, revoking fears and instilling power are just some of His specialties. And whenever the word of God is transferred, reprinted into new sheets, it automatically assumes the strength of His power. This is why the Bible can be used to exorcise demons and dramatically transform a person with a faith big enough to move mountains.

The key to Life and Death

So powerful is his word, that it turns a mere book into a sword, a shield and an armour in every battle. So powerful is his word that it turns the shameful into a king, a deliverer into a corner stone. This goes to say that whatever he touches, whatever he imprints automatically becomes powerful, embodies his true image and begins to walk in the power and righteousness that He is. This further explains the alignment of the human spirit and body with his word. Just as a new book comes to life, so does the human mind and body, once it receives the word of God, Jesus Christ the son of God.

The Word of God

God’s word is the way to happiness, the way to avoid shame, the way of safety and the way of good counsel. His Word is life giving and life changing, It gives strength and hope. It provides us with wisdom and has the power to impart faith. Showing us the path that leads to success and purpose, it increases courage and develops character.

We cannot choose which obstacles to fight, but we can choose whether to face our obstacles with our faith in God’s Word or faith in ourselves. Trusting in our feelings and perceptions mostly leads to blindness. Therefore, we cannot trust everything we read on the Internet, or words from mentors, politicians, teachers, friends and fact-checkers, or in statistics, science, studies and photographs, but we can certainly trust in the word of God, which contains nothing corrupt, never changes and firmly fixed in the heavens. And those who obey His words are as though wise men who built houses on rocks. Just as David’s perspective was influenced by the Word of God, those who love God must understand that The Word of God can be trusted in everyday life, to speak what is true, command what is right and provide us with what is good. An evidence to no longer trust in our own resources but to trust in the supernatural resources of God. 

The Greatest Sacrifice in all Existence

Everything written in the Scriptures was written to teach us, in order that we might have hope through the patience and encouragement which the Scriptures give us.

(Romans 15:4)

“Our last hope” as He is sometimes called cannot be truer. When in search of truth; truth about yourself, people, life, the world, the future, the past and God the Father, the Word of God teaches an undiluted truth. For The Word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates in any space or time. It is okay not to like what the Bible says, but it has to obeyed because it is the “Bible”, a whole book of spiritual words which teaches a christian the language of God, so that he/she can effectively communicate with Him.

A believer must submit oneself to the word of God. Loving what He loves and delighting in whatever He says. Hence, learning, seeing and stepping into the godliness and rightness in all He commands. Turning to The Word of God and The Holy Spirit in prayer allows believers to seek and stick to the will of God, which encourages in every walk and works of life.

Turn to The Word of God and The Holy Spirit in prayer

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. Do not forget that.

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