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2CentwithJess; Abacha’s LOOT.

Hello everyone, here is my opinion on government expenditure of Abacha’s repatriated loot.

“Governing Nigeria’s is not a family affair, neither is her destiny cursed in the hands of unintelligent people. As a people with civic duties, we are expected to raise an army of calculative punchers, pointer readers, market watchers, dirty fighters, dimensional walkers, telepathic washers, broom wizards and fortune witches, so that we do not continue with this cinderella animation of a Nollywood movie.”

Jecinta Powell

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But on a more serious note, a more responsive system of governance is required from our leaders. Why am I saying this?. I am speaking because I am unhappy with the unproductive manner in which Abacha’s loot is being spent. It should have been used to rebuild or build something effective and rewarding for subsequent years, instead of handing it out in N5,000’s. This method makes no economic sense. 

  • Do we have ultra modern hospitals or cancer treatment centres, one of the major reason people fly abroad for medicals, No! 
  • Do we have a functioning manufacturing company, so that we do not have to produce or import almost everything from China, No! 
  • As an alternative, build schools and enrol poor children for free.
  • Fund another railway project to cater for other regions.
  • And build cheap housing, if possible for free. 

Such a liberating amount and they throw it on people, for the reason being poverty?. How can one alleviate penury if the idea is to throw crumbs on the ground. Teaching and providing instruments for the poor to fish is a much better option. Nevertheless, some monies can be mapped aside to stop people from starving to death or dying from unnecessary deceases while other wealth generating projects are ongoing.

Finishing off my very important opinion, the govt should allow Abacha’s loot, which is ours in the first place, be beneficial to every individual if possible. As a resource-rich but people-poor country, poverty is rampant in every state and not just in the North. 

This is my 2cent. 

Thank you. X pj


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