The Listening Period; Give an Ear to the Universe


“The world does have plans for you, but not necessarily your plans” Jecinta Powell

When we plan, the universe plans as well. What we plan is mostly very different from what the earth has in store for us. But if you want the universe to provide a better plan on your behalf, one has to also listen and plan to benefit her. It is therefore very important to listen to the whispers, so as to understand what it means. Appreciative, discriminative, comprehensive, critical and empathetic listening are ways to focus, enjoy, understand, examine and accept what we perceive from the earth.

Just as we are aware of the waiting period- a very tough and impatient time in our lives, the listening period is also a very crucial time in our journey through life and we have to consider starting now. Because the world is intertwined in a way that what happens in Europe can personally affect a group of people or an individual’s life in Africa makes us to understand that our daily outcomes and inputs are not necessarily our own, but heavily influenced by the universe.

The same way we live everyday and plan for our future is the same way the universe plans and coordinates its future. I strongly believe that we do not come to a conclusion on the world, but the universe in all of its totally does decides the destiny of a collective people- the human race. Call to mind that living things are situated in a cosmos of at least ten billion light years in diameter, a well-ordered whole with many galaxies which uses various means to decide its fate. Therefore, it is take to mean that celestial bodies have an influence on human activities and the natural world. For example the universe uses stars and planet positions to determine a new born baby’s character and circumstances. Hence, delineates and forecasts a person’s future before ever he starts to plan.


If your opinions are different, well enough, but I will suggest you start studying the books that will make you aware of the world, including the bible. There is only one- the creator, then the others- everything known and unknown, and then there is us- human beings.


We must remind ourselves of man’s place on earth and make an effort to listen into the void. We are spiritual beings and not a bag of flesh. A more reason why we must listen to the emptiness of our surroundings. Take out the distractions from all senses and then listen by opening the faculties of sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. Listening periods are very important times, as it can provide solutions to a pending issue, change the course of ones life or redirect a lost solider to his camp. Also an all time psychical remedy to a weary heart.

If only we could for a moment listen to the natural movement of the air, the resonate sound of the ground, the flying birds of distinguished feathers, wings and beaks, the forever moving watery vapour floating in the atmosphere and to that almost silenced little voice inside the head. Appreciate the open atmosphere sometimes. For example, you can seat outside and take in as many breaths or lay on the grass and gaze up to the skies. It awakens the spirit inside, as it now pulls the energy from the mind in which your surroundings has energised, to relate important messages to your subconscious.


Human beings do not provide for the earth, the planet provides for us. The majority of human contribution to earth is contamination. The water, air and land has been poisoned or polluted with harmful substances such as dioxin, carbon monoxide, oil spillages, waste materials, plastics and many more. These environmental pollutant, so severe to our health and earth’s survival brought about the climate change we experience today. This is to say that the more we poorly treat the earth in which our life is depended upon, the more she will treat us badly. The universe will singlehandedly withhold food, displace homes, inflict sickness, reduce population, cause greed and destroy allies. However, if we listen to our environment and carter to it, it will often speak to us, revealing many secrets that are hidden from us and providing us with long life and better living conditions.

X pj

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