Tell me Father; A declaration of love.


Happiness visits in the morning, into the afternoon and at night.
Joy seats with me during breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Angels guide me in my going out and when I am returning,
While divine protectors guide my home as we sleep.
Tell me Father, who am I that you are very fond of me.

Strength has become the garment I wear daily.
My hair is knotted for upcoming battles,
Face made-up to distract the opposition and
A stylish sunglasses which sees tomorrow. 
My blouse, a bulletproof vest ready for weapons seats perfectly on my chest,
Matched with straight-cut khaki trousers with many pockets to receive my reward,
And with shoes that walk on water, I can navigate a thousand seas
And still speak on the phone to my beloved son, who you have crowned.
He made me this ready. 
He equipped me for life.
Now I see him clearer.

Who am I, that you are watchful of.
Were did I get it right?
When did I throw the wining dice?
How could I have patronised you?
Which one of my many shortcomings can you not see?
Why did you not pick someone else?
Tell me father, what have I done to deserve you?

Your love for me still baffles me.
Because you chose me, I am envied.
Because you cater to me, I am never wanting.
Because you shelter me, I can plan a family. 
Because you feed me, I can provide food for my offspring.
And because my cup runneth over, I am able to quench many who thirst. 

Do I deserve your promises?
The oaths you made before I came to be?
Yes I do! Every word, Every utter, Every seed,
Because you chose me, to love me.

Tell me father, I love when we have these conversations.


X pj

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