African Black Magic; A Reason for Unusual Wealth

She marries a rich man, it has to be jazz. A young man acquires wealth, it has to be of occult practices. When it becomes unusual, it must be voodoo, black magic generally known as jazz. The idea that a person must have sought diabolic means to achieve desirable affluence, marriage or a common job is overwhelming in this part of the world. Apparently, it is believed that success cannot be brought by chance or an increased opportunity. The public mostly settle with the thought or suggestion that such unexpected wealth or love interest must have been achieved by either fetish involvements or dubious means. Hence, such fortunate attainment has to be derived from evil participation. Why has this superficial occurrences clouded our present judgements? What is the explainable reason for this odd reality that we must often times give credit to.


Due to highly diverse beliefs, which is as a result of various ethnic religions, future judgements on wealth acquisition are now crisscrossed to reflect previous shocking happenings that was meant to obtain quick money in various communities. In spite of the fact that the majority attribute success to jazz, one cannot really blame this sort of mentally, since most people have participated in or have seen the traditional worshipping of spirits. Or maybe the issue here is defamation of character, as Nigerians in general do not understand why life should be prosperous, especially to a degree that is overwhelming and unexplainable for another person order than themselves. So therefore attributing a person’s wealth to be derived from jazz could be a slander meant to satisfy anger and resentfulness.


Anyway, many visit spiritualist and shrines all in the bid to favour their current lives. Traditional spiritualist locally known as alphas or babalawos have ultimately been given the power to decide ones fate with interpretations of dreams, procedures meant to be followed in order to attain prosperity and decisions on matters that will initiate certain behaviours. But how come these destiny changers cannot save themselves.

It is only a lazy man who seeks power and wealth from a waging tongue living in a mud house or in the bushes.  X pj

Is it just me or has anyone ever wondered why those who have the capacity to change lives for the better are still in a worse state of living. As far as I can tell, a hungry man cannot feed a multitude, he can only derive a means to steal from them, seeing that they are gullible and have limited their faith to mind-twisting games, falsehood, shams, illusion and magic. A major reason why most Africans are physically, mentally and spiritually poor.


Although traditional african rituals and rites, characterised by sorcery and spirit possession is commonly practised in Nigeria and in all african territories, it does not necessary mean that most successful people dabble in mystical, supernatural or magical powers, phenomena or practices to acquire uncommon wealth.

Oftentimes, it just might appear to be true or real until examined more closely. Therefore, it is unwise to affirm that prosperous individuals are members of black religious cults, perform ancestral african rituals or worship spirits. There is something known as “THE ABNORMAL”, which has nothing to do with hard-work. Some call it destiny, faith or karma, yet very unexplainable, it has deep-rooted forms of convictions if we are to understand or master the act or concept.


In a nutshell when unbelievable situations find those who deserve or do not deserve it, it doesn’t have to be that it was derived from evil methods. Yes people seek devilish ways to attain wealth but I tell you, it is not what brings it, as everyone who has venture such a part would have gotten everything they desperately have put a finger to attain. The factor of time and destiny still plays a big roll in dismissing any devilish involvement meant to counter the purpose in which every one of us was called to establish! However, coincidence and belief also becomes another factor that makes it seem as though spiritual offerings made to the devil was worthwhile.


It is high time we begin to disconnect our minds from the darkness which has ruled us and our forefather for many generations. Jazz, voodoo or juju, whatever you may call it is the biggest sham of all ages. It has no effect on the universal power in which like dust, we operate in. We have no external power to automatically manipulate things to favour unwanted situations, expect the power that lives inside of us, which most people refer to as words, motivation, consistency, belief, faith and resilience, that can propel our lives to a better standing from what it is.

X pj.

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