Thick and masculine,
Legs like pillars,
Feet like earthquakes,
Hands with thunderous strikes.
He is known as Sebastine.
Face of peace and death
Voice that commands great floods 
With an army like bees.

Created for women
Special women of time
Chosen for his guidance
Women of courage and virtue. 
Quiet in the day, troublesome at dawn.
But this girl was different. 

They also call him Seb.
He is mostly thought to be the devil
But he is an angel, Her archangel.
Clad in angelic armour
With a sword and a shield 
He stands in an admirable firmness
Head stuck in a shell
Hardly moving when on guard. 
Sebastian never uttered a word
During their earliest encounter. 

She never saw him enter or leave, 
But she knew when he was there. 
A thing of fright at the beginning. 
Later, a cloud of reassurance. 
A thing of great pride.

His assignees were indeed gods.
They are expected to walk on water
Wonder in the deep to wake the dead
Curse with a whisper, 
Steal a lovers soul,
Yet cherished at every instance.

Break nations with a finger, 
Hypnotising everyone who breaths, 
Or mend hearts with words, 
Releasing them from captivity.
Because he followed by at every endeavour.
Executing commands without questions.

After her exploits, either pleasant or unpleasant,
She sometimes try’s to seduce him,
With a dance, fancy words and incantations roundabout him.
But his eyelids would never blink.
But will only stare further with eyes wide
When he hears his name in her prayers.

A supernatural warrior also has a heart?
How can this be, what is in her head.
Was he human before he took this form.
No, Sebastian could not have been a man.
Have you seen how great he is?
How unexplainable his image is?
The beauty and the beast he embodies.

It is said that he was never a man.
An angel who was crowned a saint because of his love for mankind
And in helping humanity.

And when they grew fond of each other 
He loved her more than he had ever loved a human in his infinite years. 
And this made her live beyond death itself. 

X pj

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