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Schooling; Why it is IMPORTANT


A lot of our limitations are based on the level of our understanding and stages of education.” – Jecinta Powell

Education is important to mankind as oxygen is important for survival, since it gives people the knowledge and skills required to forge ahead. However, a lot of people are of the opinion that schooling is not as important, but it is in fact very important. If a person cannot read or write how then can the knowledge which education conveys, interpret into something productive and how can there be a proper exchange of written information on effective solutions to societal problems if majority of the population are illiterates. Hence, reading and writing skills to improve lives is very important in a society.


Education received at school is about making people literate. Therefore, literacy and education are intertwined. Although literacy is somewhat different from education, but the ability to read and write goes hand in hand with finding out the reason behind everything. I am sure we know that aside from writing and reading, education can be obtained through listening, watching and feeling. Maybe this is why some say that schooling is not as important as it seems. I agree to some degree, as many learn languages by listening, some deduce problems by feeling, while others obtain the best ideas and become masters in their craft by watching.

The experiences and practises mentioned above are sure ways to acquire knowledge. However, the maximum capacity or ultimate results are hard to obtain or develop if it cannot be theoretically explained. Besides, many teaching aspects which are pieced from observing, touching and hearing techniques could be misleading. This is why huge amount of money is paid to learn in an institution, where what is taught in class is regulated and approved by scholars who have tested premises and obtained facts. This here is one of the reasons why schooling is important.


Schooling is a process. A student must learn and be tested from time to time to enable tutors see how one has fared and what areas one has to improve on. It is not that what has been taught in schools are wrong or of less value, it just may not apply directly to an individual, situation or environment. Besides, going to school should not only be centred around making money. Aside from the expected monetary returns, it is supposed to piece together an individual’s intelligence and capabilities to fit his world and, those directly and indirectly attached to it.

The world is so that if you were one of the richest men or women in the world without a school certificate or degree, the people will still attribute ‘YOU” to your lack of education. Money and qualifications are too far end of the wealth spectrum, but education definitely stands the test of time. This is one of the reasons why when people become rich enough, they take courses in reputable schools to fill in the gaps and another reasons why professors can stand on a podium to speak to the billionaires of the world and the powerful and rich listen attentively to his lecture and heed his advises.


Education should have no limit and learning is supposed to be important to people of all ages, same as going to school. There is no particular age that is considered not fit for school. Hence, age should not hinder a person from going to school. The world is constantly changing with new innovations, therefore seating in a class to renew one’s mind is important to get on with the world’s program. Today, more people say that acquiring a higher education is a waste of time and money, but I beg to differ. The analytical and critical teaching strategies used in higher institutions prepares the mind and body for survival and in a workplace. Even when the studied profession is not been practised, the knowledge still cuts across to whatever field one settles in. Be it an entrepreneur or employee, the principles behind the school walls follows scholars into any business. An academic’s acquired knowledge on team playing, customer relations, product placement, segmentation, business preparedness, hypothesis, data analysis and so on cannot be compared to someone who has no formal qualification.


In spite of the fact that the world is constantly evolving, I would rather a classroom to a longterm online-course. For some of us, going to a classroom everyday was our saving grace. It was there most of us learnt how to read and write, met and interacted with different kinds of people. Hence, opening us to different opinions and ideas. In school was where we first had the privilege to choose, deciding our classes, friends and extra curricular activities. Schooling exposed our minds to the world, breaking the limiting barriers of the home and immediate environment.


Do not let anyone brainwash you into thinking going to school is overrated.

“They say experience is the best teacher, but how can you use it to your own advantage if you are not knowledgeable enough to find an opportunity in that practical knowledge.” – Jecinta Powell

The process of receiving systematic instructions, especially in a school or institution is so important for an individual who is willing to learn the proper way.

Go to school and seek proper knowledge. You will thank me later.

X pj

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