Body Contouring Surgery; reasons why you should consider or reconsider


Body contouring plastic surgery is a fast growing business in some countries, owning to a high demand for greater pleasure, certain job descriptions and higher self-confidence levels. In recent times, a number of different body sculpting techniques used by cosmetic surgeons to reshape almost any part of the body has become a growing trend in Nigeria especially amongst the youths, since surgical treatment clinics began to spring up across the states. Hence, the emergence of these local sculpting clinics has helped to reduce the hassle of an expensive trip abroad to get a procedure done, which therefore has increased the craze.

Voluptuous women especially the ones who undergo body contouring surgery in the US are mostly identified as entertainers. They are either strippers, video-vixens, actresses for specific roles, etc, who mostly need a new body to promote their crafts. Hence, bringing in more cash and affluence than usual. If this is your line of work than I applaud you for your determination to increase your potential worth. However, if this is not your expertise, why then would you consider being a walking sex symbol?

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Many young women want to have the same body type as Kim K, Black Chyna or Amber Rose, but have they asked themselves what these women represents before proceeding to look like them. Chyna and Amber were or are american strippers who used the benefits of body sculpting to boost their crafts. Whereas, aside from recently being a mother, wife and business mogul, Kim’s popularity is known for nudity and makeup. She influenced the world’s beauty routine with her makeup contour techniques, publicly parades extravagant lifestyles to portray glitz and glamour, and a curvaceous body type which she uses to promote high fashion labels. I must say these are women of high admiration.


Therefore, if your current goal in life is to possess similar identities, then there is not a thing in the world that should hinder you from acquiring a glaring sculpted body. However, if you intend on being the likes of Hilary Clinton, Meghan Markle. Oprah Winfrey, Folorunsho Alakija, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Ivanka Trump or hold positions such as a teacher, pastor and coach, then this idea should be a NO NO to consider for future reasons.

“Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell or show people who you are,
then you are not.” Margaret Thatcher

There is a specific body shape for every job specification incase you do not know. Unfortunately that is how the world operates. Kim’s younger sister Kendel, at least for now cannot buy a curvaceous body, as it would ultimately affect her career as an international model. Hence, if she were to alter her body, she will not be seen as a high-earning model anymore. This would lead to an immediate end to strutting the most prestigious runways in the world and a big hole in her pocket. Sadly, this is the world we live in and we must take it into consideration. How you look does matter.


This is similar to men as well. It is likely that a man with dreadlocks will be searched or arrested first by the police before a man with a clean hair cut during a crackdown on drug crimes. Also, if the police were looking for a robber in a neighbourhood, they are more likely to raise an alarm or arrest anyone wearing a hoodie rather than those who look like the general public.

So if you have acquired a “sexy-goddess” type of body, do not be upset when someone describes you as a sex-worker or demands for sexual intercourse during your first encounter. Just make sure to retain your line of expertise, running with it as much as possible. If you don’t and then decide in the nearest future of becoming the next tech guru, engineer, preacher, model, actress, financial adviser or politician, your sexually exciting figure will most likely influence your progress in the corporate or a specific world. The public is very particular about how you look, especially in a country like Nigeria. In the USA anything can fly, but it wont fly in a country filled with a whole lot of hypocrites.


“I think women or girls are not meant to be sexually appealing but gracious.” X pj

Furthermore, it is important to note that those who have undergone surgeries will most likely redo altered body parts. Some have already gone through more than five procedures to redo botched surgeries, while others needed to keep the shape alive. Yet some months down the line they lose this flattering figure. Kim K’s minions fail to realise the meticulous efforts she puts into being and staying in shape. Her strict diets and work-out routine which only takes high discipline to achieve is the main reason why she continues to fit into perfectly sculpted dresses and bikinis, regardless of her body enhancements. Do Nigerians have a maintenance culture?

Let me rephrase my words for better understanding. There is absolutely nothing wrong in being “A Kim K”, “A Black Chyna” or “An Amber Rose”. What is wrong is if you do not know what these fiercely-fixed body figures signifies and, the personal and psychological difficulties that progresses with it in coming times. When it becomes old-fashioned what will do about it?. In the case of tattoos for example, we saw how much money people had to pay to remove unwanted permanent skin artworks and the many lost opportunities people with visible skin tattoos had to endure in past times.


In a nutshell, whatever conclusion we make in life will one way or the other affect our future. There is only so much we can do to protect ourselves. For that reason, we can use these limited opportunities to further curtail as many possible future disappointments and uncertainties. In a generation themed as “YOLO” (you only live once), many people basically think of the now without regard for the future. Yet, they intend on living until the age of 70 and above. This therefore shows self-deception. If truly you are living in the now, why do you work or save for the future? Why you do stress over building a brand?.

At the moment, what side do you want to play your game, against or for?. “Against” which is unique might put you into trouble and “For” which is for the masses will stylishly propel a person in the midst of the crowd, but yet I am not saying an individual should be like everyone else.


Create your own magic but keep your identity. Do not push too far off from what is perceived as suitable for your future goals. That being said, for those who are thinking of surgical enhancement, think before you decide to tag yourself with a certain group of people who have immoderately reduced their waistline, increased their hips, enlarged their buttocks and stuffed their breast. Hence, those who live for the latest trends. It might work for them, but it just might not work for you.

X pj

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