Many are now bold enough to point a finger
Speaking of a change in an era of Change
Mentioned were the injustice the people faced
What was it the anchors said in the other hour
Step forward, let us hear you for the last time
No one will speak a lie anymore, they chanted
Sweat falling, saliva failing, ground quaking
Men roar as though lions in the den, many cry
An army now matches forward with one face
Contagious is the fresh pain in their eyes.

Standing behind the lines of redemption
We stand with burning marks on our visage
Remembering our heritage and history
Regretting our yesterday and present-day
Sharpening our tongues for a better country
Ichor and sweat we write our future onwards
A decision hailed by unified demonstrators
Fear no longer has a meaning on the tongue
We have lost appetite of its infectious high.

Yessin Blogletter

Come out all you onlookers, gather around
Under the shades are your people, gear up
Beneath this soil is your treasure, stacked up
Together we will uproot, nurture them all up
First we must speak, wrestle with the enemy
Dance no more to the compelling music
Crushing the hand that buries our inheritance
Defeat the fear that loots a better life, erase
The promises meant to steal our civic power.

Blood and fire and grave we fear no more
Roast our flesh on the stake yet we salute you
No unfairness on the street is what we stand
Our rights intact we stand in solidarity, father
Oppression is no longer our vogue, preach
We design the new fashion to forge, pray
Storytellers open a new book henceforth
Children will not house graves untimely.


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