A Man’s True Enemy; Toxic Women

Worse than any addiction.
Deeper than the burning hell.
Mightier than a sweeping tornado.
One bite and you are forever in her claws. 
A discovery yet unsolvable.
A treasure not to be opened.

Many alike do not rebuke her frustrations. 
The one who’s heart beats without passion.
She only waves when she strikes.
Roars like a lion at a single knock,
And her words never runs dry,
Until the water finishes in the tank. 
Feet sore in shoes, but mocks another.

Oh forbidden apple!
What kind of life stones were you thrown,
That you could not make apple juice.

When the neighbours are asleep, 
It is her time to bring the roof down,
Destroying everything she touches.
And when her lover falls short, she sets him ablaze.
Crucifies him on a stake, on a pleasant day,
And then cooks him a meal with excuses.

A man findeth his enemy when he keeps her.
His sightings of her becomes a nightmare,
He finally sees his doom without staring. 
And all who know of her scatters when she draws near.
Just like a plague, they wash their hands and feet,
Praying to God for MERCY.

Were are her wounds.
Who is her tormentor.
Which heart was she given.
What face does she dare in the mirror.
Why does her words lie to her face. 
When will she empty the past left in her pockets.
When will she spill her rotten cup-of-tea.
Will she not remove this garment.

Now stuck in her prison of negativity,
There is no GLORY left to eat,
Only a buried hand waving for help.

Repent oh woman!
Repent oh poisonous apple!
Cast yourself and be washed.
Join others born of love,
Positioned in high-esteem,
Holding down morality,
Anchoring a family branch, 
On the oak tree that never withers. 

There is room for all who repents

Hey you…

We are living in a society were toxic women are not called out for their poisonous behaviours. All claws are now pointing towards men as though a witches feast. If women are truly in a match to change the world for better, they must look inward and around the female gender too. They must start to fight such toxic behaviours with maximum strength before it destroys a united end goal. In addition, if a certain woman wants to hold the manly-stave as well, then she must also take blames and accept her ugly truths. Not as simple as slicing an orange in halve?, then do not point the knife.

Jecinta Powell
IT is also not okay for women to be TOXIC

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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