5 Confident Things Women should know about themselves; How to increase your self worth.

I am a Gift. 
I am a gift to my parents and to the world. I do not have to talk too much or try to make an impression as my appearance does not define me. People admire and want to be like me so I must be fruitful, be an example while I live my best life. When you take out time to unwrap me you would be amazed as to what you will uncover. I know someone is loving me secretly whether be it a married or single man, girlfriends and acquittances. They are dying and wishing to have me, be with me, praying I should look in their direction for once. But, because I am a hefty bonus, I am careful of who I allow into my space.

I am Respectful. 
I must always say my “Please” and “Thank you” to anyone who helps or serves me, be it in a restaurant or while parking my car. Also, I will be mindful of friends and associates when we cross path, as it is admirable to say a “Hello”. I will pass complements like “You look well”, “I haven’t seen you in a while” or “How is the family” and another mistake I should not make is not saying my “Goodbye” either in person or on the phone. A far off wave is better than a stroll away as it causes uncertainty which leads to misjudgement. I must carry my respect flag everywhere I go and people will respect me in return. They have no choice but to reciprocate the gesture, as I will certainly demand for it because I have given it.

I am not a Slave.
I was not born to be at the mercy of anyone, but was born to fly. I was born free and not limited to social expectations. My roles and responsibilities in life are not expected to be only domestic but as far as I can dream- believe to want more out of life. Therefore, I will educate myself, fish out golden opportunities and be the best in my chosen career field. I will love whoever that tickles my fancy and spread love all around me. Also, I will be totally against negativity, freeing myself from anyone trying to make me feel small. I will not be bound to spreading malicious lies and pulling other women down, even if I am presumed to behave in that manner when I get jealous. Therefore, refusing to be a false witness, because I am fully aware of the consequences this behavior would have on my worth. I will be humble but do not mistake me for a servant.

I am Woman.
I am expected to be married, but not mandatory that I must. I am expected to marry the opposite sex, but not mandatory that I must. I am expected to reproduce, but not mandatory that i must. And if or when I become a mother- giving a child the most precious gift on earth, “LIFE”- I will be fully aware that it is a gift that must come with great sacrifice. Regardless of how I am perceived or what the world believes due to my choices, I deserve an applause and expected to raise heads just because I am female. We rule the world while making mistakes.

I am a Leader.
I know that as a woman I am born to carry heavy responsibilities because we are the foundation of the world. We are the reason why the earth is inhabited so therefore I must program, package and protect the products which are supposed to occupy the world, either in households, institutions or government entities. These are the certain important things that are expected and demanded from a woman like me, especially on how she raises her home and children in particular. The people on the streets are a definition of how they were tutored and mentored. Therefore, I must take out noticeable time to train my boys on how to be gentlemanly; compassionate, respected, truthful, ethical and attentive, and my girls to be confidence, courageous, independent, virtuous and queenly. In addition, I am expected to lead my spouse into bringing out his upmost potential, in other to promote a brighter future for our family.

A confident woman should know her home is intact, her job is not at risk, is cordial with family members and extended friends, refuse to depreciate her value and an advocate to what is deemed proper. I hope this helps on how you should see yourself the next time you walk out of the front door, in spite of the situation at the moment.

Thank you.

X pj

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