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Black Eye or Backdown; 5 signs of an abusive partner.

Are you or someone you care about in an abusive relationship? Then you need to pay attention to this writeup or send this to them before they make the bold step towards commitment. This article focuses on men as the abusers, but it is important to note that although men are mostly the abuser, this…
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6 Wrong Notions of Marriage Proposal

Planning something romantic without her knowledge could leave a cold slap on your face or a dash towards the exit. Understand your girlfriend enough, so as not to go immoderate with proposal arrangements. She just might not be the “Awwww” type
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A look at Love and Compromise in Relationships

The misconception of love and compromise has birthed many wrong ideas in relationships today. Over decades, these similarities has enslaved many and the differences has turned lovers to foes. Hence, loosing intense battles and imprisoning the low hearted. Due to the lack of understanding which “love” and “compromise” embodies in relationships, most people assume both…
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The Money Chaser

Everybody wants money. Everybody needs money. No matter how much we try to style it, We all are in desperate need of it. You work all week to attain it, Acquire higher education to seek it, Build hopes to snatch it, And dreams to chase it. You camouflage into who you are not to look…
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The Unhappy Wife: Who is Alice? (Season 1, Episode 2)

BANG! BANG!! BANG!!! was what she heard that threw her back into reality and out of the bathtub. Without any cloths on she manoeuvres down the geometrical stairs, staggered between the living area and eventually falls on the cold floor when the next “BANG!” followed with an angry loud cry. “The stranger is home again”…
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The Unhappy Wife (Season 1, Episode 1)

A written series of tense thriller, which explores the world of an unhappy lesbian who finally discovers the soul which she had birthed from paranoia and, severe mental and physical pain. The empty window which she had confided in, had a surprising revelation for her and that which would leave you in astonishment.....
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