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Machines vs Humans; What will future Technology do to Humanity

We have learnt from time through many authors that humans have always shaped and extended themselves by virtue of technical tools and artefacts. This knowledge does correspond with modern times, as we continually seek ways to make life more meaningful through technology. Seeing that technology influences and constitutes human nature and existence, how well do…
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Me first; The process of attaining Self-Love. 

In recent times, self-love has become a popular term tossed around very often, a less knowledgeable expression which has brought concern to my line of thinking. Allowing oneself to be human, to make mistakes and to learn from them, as regards to the knowledge that as humans we are not perfect, nor should we be expected to act…
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6 Reasons on why it is okay to FAIL.

Failing does not imply that there is nothing unique about you or should suggest that you completely write yourself off. It is only a process which paves a way to truly understand who you are - the magnitude of your strength and weaknesses. A very difficult discovery I must say. Therefore, it is rather unfortunate that…
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