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In Love with The Devil; Episode 5

Bryan's POV "Mais nous Avons fait la reunion""But we're done with the meeting" “Attends une minute s'il te plait”"Wait a minute please" "Ç'est d'accord"“It’s okay" “Pouvons nous aller""Can we go now?" I heed the file in my office thinking she wouldn't search for it. I wanted to humiliate her once more to get her to…
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Coprophilia: Humiliation encouraged by overnight success.

“The world needs more strong women and not more toilets.” X pj Yessinblog blog letter Although we see many areas of our culture making a shift towards equality, but we are yet to speak of the many humiliation hidden with fancy titles and pleasurable believes in which women are mostly victims. Coprophilia is one of…
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BIZDOC- The Business Doctor

I come carrying presents. New business alert. House Hosting Business Have you thought of hosting people in your home for a couple of days, maximum of five days or less? Right there is another way to make money. You already have a home and every other appliances, so why not! Read to the end to understand better.…
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