Who sailed the Time.

If you see him tell him we spoke, tell him that whispers echoes more than Tik-Tok.
Tell him we spoke about the past leaving the future to itself.
Tell him we spent more time by earning it and we earn more time by spending it.
We caught up in lines attached to the melodies of our mind thinking about the seconds, minute becomes an hour, then we do realise we ageing and death drawing near.
He does exist but never lived when we draw our last breath then it seizes;

So tell me, Who sailed the time?

When decisions winds about, it causes sailors to smile and navigate his thought to sail to the river bank, While decisions float everywhere it winds, time tell if it dies or live.
So who sailed it?

Who tells the future more than time?
Who tell time more than the future? And who made it possible if not life.
What does time hide and what does the future expose?
What's the reason for life if the future is stuck, if minds doesn't work and time is no more
But till then we would await

Who sailed it..

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