These verses I write is not to seek attention.
No I don't mind what you think cause I know my true intention.
Once I was a child but now I've grown.
I wrote these words that later you could ask if they are truly my own.

Almost everyday I wonder when I'll fall in love.
Its not child's play and I know I've got to put on my maturity glove.
I wait and watch not to make a mistake.
Because I don't want to do anything to a girl, that might make her heart break.

What I imagine is not someone to be with me for the satisfaction of sex.
What I want is a partner to hug after she had made me vex.
My pillar that I can rest on when I feel stressed.
Someone that gets me when I find my self in distress.


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  1. Getting into a relationship is not only about sex.. But the caring heart you show to one another

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