Sebastien: A War is Coming

Sebastien stand forth!
And ready your army
Wear your finest gear
Sharpen your best sword
A battle is upon us again.

Go ahead into the spirit world
Under or above the waters
If my spirit has been held captive
Or forced into an agreement
I ask that you release my soul
Conquer the beast
Murder our children
And burn down his kingdom.

Do not preserve the land
Or reserve offsprings of the wicked!
Give his soldiers no time to escape
And free my people held captive too
That they will experience renewal
And a new day of freedom and love
And I will see a new sunset on my throne.

Oh mighty warrior
My finest protector
The greatest of his kind
I release you now
And await your return
With the head of the Mad King
For victory is mine.

X pj

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