Working on a new poetic structure and my maximum is
14 lines, sit back and relax, clear your eyes and listen to my rhymes.
Whatsapp nowadays is a real scam,
I miss those days when I could talk to my crazy fan.
I think of my friends the good, the bad, the cool and the rad.
The way they crack jokes, every one was always mad.
I think of what they would say to occupy my day
I do not go far deep so I do not stray, their false judgements of me are colours black and Gray.

Lately I've been working on my skill, I know Turner IG Booster would say thats the drill. Read to get a future, cause one day I'll have a family to nurture.
Staying indoors all day makes me feel crazy, my judgements be clouded Joy is tgat fugazi?
This is my last line come back again some other time and I'll tell you all thats on my mind.


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