In my Feelings

Today I write on a topic that is complex to the heart
I am lost and sort of confused, I don't even know where to start
I lose my self in your eyes, I think I like you
Fighting it seems hopeless, drowning in your ocean
And I do not know what to do, what more than to fall, into your blu.

It is certain I like you, but I wonder if you feel the same
I still remain in full control and not act like I am desperate or a little bit insane
I see in your eyes that you and I, are almost the same
I fell in love with you and my dear no one, is to blame.

It gives me joy to see you and we just talk
I wonder the day I'll be man enough, maybe I can pick you by 5o'clock
We can have a fun day and finish it off with a sunset walk
If it doesn't work out we can still be friends and continue to have our talks.


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