Blood Red Money

A River Blood Bank Bled
Bled Out The Color Of Our Transgressions
A River Blood Bank Bled
Bled As Whips Of Our Imperfections Stained His Skin
A River Blood Bank Drowned
Drowned In Misery And Pain
To cast Us Out Into Dominion And Grace

A Blood Red Bank
Paid It All For You And I
A Blood Red Bank Became Poor That We Might Be Wealth Personified
A Blood Red Bank Took In Illness
To Accredit Us With Health Divine

A Divine Red Liquid Love that Dripped
Just So That We Could Transit
Transit From Sinful To Glorified
A Divine Red Liquid Love that Flowed
So we could Metamorphose
From Man-Kind To God-Kind

Blood Red Money Bought The Life Outta Death
Left Death To Die
Blood Red Money Bought Us Freedom
Freed from Slavery To Sin
Into Mastery Of Righteousness
Blood Red Money Paid
I'm Free.

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  1. Anonymous
    In Christ am free indeed!

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