When I get angry I get out of the scene to hide my feelings on the inside
I tell a friend to get it out my system so later I could be happy and dance Tossie Slide
When I get angry or overreact I cant help it but to just hate myself
I don't usually say this out loud to anyone cause I am better of by myself.

I found out that it happens to be in my blood line.
I work on myself everyday because I believe its not mine.
When I try to show I am unhappy people rush into conclusions, giving me a hard time.
I control my feelings and walk out sadly saying no don't worry I am just fine.

I have bottled up my feeling so many times, anger is something I have forgotten how to express
When I feel pain I can't force a tear out, even with emotional stress
This might sound sad and depressing but they are my feelings and are not meant to impress
When it comes to writing this stuff there is no holding back if I must confess.


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