This is the 3rd part of the complicated series, please read enjoy and comment. Thanks “Her name is Teniola she… your mum’s cousin” He stopped, took another deep breath. It actually appeared […]

In Love with The Devil; Episode 9

No! I can’t. I have to stop this, arrgh. But the kiss, her lips, it was so deliciously tasteful, I couldn’t help but lick my lips, hoping to get a taste of the strawberry taste of her lips again but no, I bit my lips and closed my eyes remembering how I consumed her soft lips, God made those lips so perfect, it was so sweet and so soft I was hoping it wouldn’t tear. The beautiful smell of her skin that..

Blood Red Money

A River Blood Bank BledBled Out The Color Of Our TransgressionsA River Blood Bank BledBled As Whips Of Our Imperfections Stained His SkinA River Blood Bank DrownedDrowned In Misery And PainTo cast […]

Complicated- 2

Femi looked at the picture; he only had to glance at it once. He shut his eyes for several moments, took a really deep breath, took another deep breath, and fell back on his seat. He stood up took a few step in the direction his wife just took, then glanced at his children who were looking totally lost and scared.

Nothing is Ever Enough; Part 3

She wondered why some Nigerian Universities grading system revolved around money and other vices. Why lecturers were allowed to hold an upper hand in such vices. Why the students who didn’t want to be part of such vices or associated with them were the ones that failed and the cooperating ones, the ones that bought the unedited, plagiarised textbooks and offered their bodies at will were the ones that passed. She wondered if some of these lecturers in their acclaimed wide readings and researches had ever come across values of discipline, civility, honesty and straightforwardness.