When you fall off a bike its ok to cry, you need a tissue?
The morale to get up and continue, thats the big issue.
Don't let failure haunt and confuse you.
For it is only failure that can teach you.

Highs and Lows.
God is with you either way it goes.
Leave me to cry, I don't want to rise.
Work hard to build your own enterprise.

I have a dream, that I got all I wanted.
My confidence is low and I fell taunted.
I feel like a fly with the heart of a lion.
At this point I don't know who to rely on.

Don't fear failure, it is a good teacher.
There is pain along the way, trust me it will build you.
If you feel any pain don't keep it inside you.
I've been on that path and it would only kill you.

Thinking of this last line, really I never rehearsed.
Playing with rhymes, I arrange the things that comes first.
Keep this in your mind, NEVER GIVE UP!
You can't tell me that Ben Carson didn't have one or two hiccups.


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  1. Hmmmm! Words of wisdom! I promise to never Give Up! Even if it seems no one is showing up, I believe My God will always show up for me! God bless the writer!

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