The Yessin Life: Birthday

Thoughts of cluelessness by another- that you have no idea of a situation because you refuse to mention- Yes! right there is what “learn the lesson” has thought me over the years.

The silent laughter of ignorance is like a supplement drug in my body system. Common, I have studied, written, learnt and walked so many times. For me, this makes life situations as though a duster on a white board  filled with red inked hearts. 

One has to “keep it moving” when living in this lovely space with many demons called earth. Reasons for hard feelings are complete unproductive stakes to invest in. Swap seats when emotions become indecisively draining.

Anyway, it is time to surprise my sister. I really do not care if she had asked to be left alone on her day. I am going to doll her up and stuff her belly at dinner. Ha!

X pj

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