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You choose to be pawns and puppets in the hands of him whose primary aim is to snatch your souls from it’s only saving power
to you, you have a sense of purpose
to him, you’re just a system for throwing blows
to you blindness is knowledge but
I pray that God opens the eyes of your understanding


I choose to be unawareUnaware of this worldA settlement of many living deadAs I foreign passLet only you be my enlightenmentwhile I am blind to the ways mere men seeLet my sight […]

Power 1

Strength is in numbersPowerPower is in 11 can build a nationBe the bricks to the foundation on which a dying world would survive1 could be that alien to save an ordinary man […]


Everyone buys not knowing what’s being soldthese sellers sell knowing what’s being boughtA trade fair,where the only currency for exchange is your souland power is their only interestWith lies catalysing the supply […]