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MatrixMaths-TrinityMan’s-TrinityMan-Trix Maths-TrinityOne Spirit, 3 personsGod The Father, God The Son,God The Holy Spirit. Man’s-TrinityOne person, 3 EntitiesMe, Myself And ISpirit, Soul And Body Christ-MatrixOne Spirit, 4 PersonsGod The Father, God The Son,God […]


I don’t know anythingIf you’re not whom I knowI don’t have a perceptionIf you’re not my point of viewI don’t want to learn nothingIf I’m not learning from youIf I’m not learning […]

Dining in Hades; Episode 10

“Stop these games Yvette, what more damage can you people do? You have my mum, You have the money and you’re still asking me to refund you guys? It makes absolutely no sense…”
“Exactly Faruk, no sense what so ever, who has your mum, I’ve told you this earlier, did you read my sms? Chief Jacob doesn’t have her…”
“Oh so you’re saying you’re not all in this together”
“What? Faruk; all? What do you mean all, you’re not making sense babe, who else do you think is involved?”

When the Obvious Truth is Ignored- Part 1

Mother was busy ranting, asking the calm unarmed police man who was the last to leave the house why they were arresting Uche, he told her that he was a suspect in a bank robbery at Osiosioma. She had denied it, she had pleaded with the unarmed police to let her son go that he was no thief. She had defended him saying that his son had never stolen his entire life, that he was one that never looked for trouble. The disbelief that graced my eyes, the disappointment that slammed my ears at mother’s words made me uncomfortable.

Coronavirus plus Racism Pandemic equals A Cold War

We cannot continue to feel this pain, to watch this horror unfold. What you do to every black man, you do to all the race across the world. You might think it is subjecting, but it is objectifying. That was a human being. We have taken enough, we have bled enough, our mothers have cried enough. Stop this! Stop it! Stop doing this to blacks! It is not an illusion, it is real. We can see it better now. The world is watching. We are your daughters and sons as well, two eyes, two feet, two hands, one head, just a different colour. We are your friends, teachers and colleagues as well, dependable, resilient, workable, confidant, reliable, just a different colour and a different hair. Is it not a deficient. Treat us better. Stop this show of madness. It has aired for far too long.