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In Love with The Devil; Episode 2

Nicole's POV I was so stupid I kept on stammering through out my day with him in the office. He is so bossy, gosh he didn't even act as if he knew me at all. He was my crush while I was in UC, God he was so handsome and he still is, his face…
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When the Obvious Truth is Ignored- Part 2

Mother changed her clothing immediately. She half tied her head tie, half tied her wrapper that she knotted above her abdomen and told me to go to the police station with her. On getting to the police station, they would not allow us to see him. Mother inquired to see the DPO. The DPO told…
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When the Obvious Truth is Ignored- Part 1

Mother was busy ranting, asking the calm unarmed police man who was the last to leave the house why they were arresting Uche, he told her that he was a suspect in a bank robbery at Osiosioma. She had denied it, she had pleaded with the unarmed police to let her son go that he was no thief. She had defended him saying that his son had never stolen his entire life, that he was one that never looked for trouble. The disbelief that graced my eyes, the disappointment that slammed my ears at mother’s words made me uncomfortable.
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A conversation with Loneliness. #SpecialEdition

Why have you come? I have noticed that you present yourself everywhere I go. When I am on the phone you listen to my every word, watching a movie you observe each gesture and on my bed, you lay quietly gazing at me. When in the shower, you are patently waiting to hand me a…
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A Woman’s Cry- are good men still in existence?

“So it was you who picked up the knife and stabbed me in the back, then twisted it in and left me for dead, someone I gave my heart and soul left me for dead again!” A woman's cry. Who is a good man? And in what scenario do you judge a man’s personality? Since…
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