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Say NO!

With pain in your heart say NOWith a clear firm voice say NOWith tears flowing say NOWith eye contact say NOWith a finger say NO Say No when you mean it! You are not a push over to NOYou are not a victim of NOYou are not a slave to NOYou are not empty to…
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Today I am sadI looked at my bank account And anxiety appeared naked.The zero’s fell out of the linesWhile I was living my best life.A nightmare I would wish my enemy!   Yesterday I was sadI tried on a beautiful dressBut the zipper wouldn’t zip up.My body is not what it used to beThe stretch marks…
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Time to say Goodbye

The beauty of my lifeIn perfect love you split the sea yet againSo I can walk through it.I will not drown on this ground that I walkI will not fear the roaring force of the water on both sidesFor my faith is above this ground.My faith worships you on this journey.My thoughts are locked in…
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The Dancer’s Mistress

Hello I feel loose.My body is trembling.The heat is volcanic.Nipples hard as a rock.Legs clinched as though a fist. Why do I leak.Why do I yearn. Why do I suffer.Why can’t I breath.Don’t take away my food.Don’t you waste my juice. My thighs are wet.My mouth is dry. My neck is without life.My hands are…
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A Man’s True Enemy; Toxic Women

Worse than any addiction.Deeper than the burning hell.Mightier than a sweeping tornado.One bite and you are forever in her claws. A discovery yet unsolvable.A treasure not to be opened.Many alike do not rebuke her frustrations. The one who’s heart beats without passion.She only waves when she strikes.Roars like a lion at a single knock,And her words never…
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Motherhood; A long old journey.

Motherhood Oh awake! Oh morning skies! The day to sing is now.The steps of a million journey still walks. My little feet along the floor, Has found my face once again to fondle with, To wake mama from a deafening dream. Showing me the way while half asleep, I seat calmly, releasing the memories of the…
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