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Coprophilia: Humiliation encouraged by overnight success.

“The world needs more strong women and not more toilets.” X pj Yessinblog blog letter Although we see many areas of our culture making a shift towards equality, but we are yet to speak of the many humiliation hidden with fancy titles and pleasurable believes in which women are mostly victims. Coprophilia is one of…
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TYL: It’s the Weekend

Yes! The weekend is around the corner and I am so excited to be in this new year. We made it this far! As january comes to an end, 2020 to me has been a breath of fresh air. What will I do this weekend? To be honest it is going to be a lazy…
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Death; The many Personal Questions.

It is without doubt that death is no respecter of colour, tribe, religion, achievements or age. He mostly comes without prior notice, eating the soul of mortals, which then turns the flesh into the dust that it is. But death cannot wipe the faces we once knew, he cannot erase the beautiful pictures of their…
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Say NO!

With pain in your heart say NOWith a clear firm voice say NOWith tears flowing say NOWith eye contact say NOWith a finger say NO Say No when you mean it! You are not a push over to NOYou are not a victim of NOYou are not a slave to NOYou are not empty to…
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Culture; A Determinant of Success and Failure

It is no news that we engage with our culture and are aware of foreign traditions, but the question is, do we absorb these lifestyles in a manner that is beneficial to our livelihood and essential to a person’s intrinsic nature, since a society is also a colossal determinate of the extent of an individual’s…
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The Yessin Life: Birthday

Thoughts of cluelessness by another- that you have no idea of a situation because you refuse to mention- Yes! right there is what “learn the lesson” has thought me over the years. The silent laughter of ignorance is like a supplement drug in my body system. Common, I have studied, written, learnt and walked so…
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