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Mental Illness; A Determinant of an Ailing Economy.

    Corruption, Corruption, Corruption, this is what resounds as the reason for the fundamental problems of where we are today. We tend to blame the dwindling strength of our economy on our leaders on the basis of corruption, but have we questioned their mental health? or our own?. Are they mentally stable to run…
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Dedicated to the Dreamers

With a mind that cannot run out of thoughts, A heart as shiny as gold and hands as crystal as diamonds, Diligently work on your goals to be remembered tomorrow. Piece puzzles together which no one can and say your “Thank You”, So that your awards will be written amongst the stars, And rewards, alive…
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TEMPER; The Evil that She Is.

No one wants to be wrong,  No one likes being told what to do, It might bring immense discomfort,  But it is okay to shake it off. When temper comes knocking,  Leave the door locked, Seal the windows,  And if possible switch off the electricity supply.  Then she will know nobody is home. Only then…
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MARRIED MEN; Important Findings in Love and Partnership.

“A man truly knows his crown is unshakable and therefore demands his spoils. Yet, a lot of women, including his wife still find it very difficult to accept this marvel that is beyond her reasoning.” X pj Love and Marriage is a situation which involves exposure to either danger or safety and should not be…
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Her Lost Coin.

Where could it be she wondered. I just had it a minute ago, right here in my old wallet. Was it two weeks or a month now? Oh God! She seem not to recall when last she had seen it in a safe place. Because it was an old wallet with a broken zipper, She…
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Postpartum Depression- A Battle with Appearance after Birthing.

“The sudden manner in which women transform in appearance is the same way childbirth although slightly accounted for, marvels the eyes.” X pj Following childbirth, most women become diffident of the stains resulting from pregnancy on their physical structure. The birth of a baby can trigger an untidy heap of powerful and suppressed emotions, from…
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