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The Unhappy Wife (Season 1, Episode 1)

A written series of tense thriller, which explores the world of an unhappy lesbian who finally discovers the soul which she had birthed from paranoia and, severe mental and physical pain. The empty window which she had confided in, had a surprising revelation for her and that which would leave you in astonishment.....
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African Black Magic; A Reason for Unusual Wealth

She marries a rich man, it has to be jazz. A young man acquires wealth, it has to be of occult practices. When it becomes unusual, it must be voodoo, black magic generally known as jazz. The idea that a person must have sought diabolic means to achieve desirable affluence, marriage or a common job…
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2019 Elections; Same Campaign Promises and The Issue of Continuity

Being the sixth quadrennial elections since the end of military rule in 1999, the 2019 general elections are slated to be held on the 16th of February. So far, political gladiators and candidates have sold their party’s programmes with promises, religion and immediate efforts to persuade voters on why they and their party are best…
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Ending the deadly Trollcan Disease

What is a TROLLCAN? It is a disease caused by uncurbed abnormal cells which shrinks the functions of the brain, therefore rebooting the mind to react negatively to anything seen online, be it delightful of distasteful. Who is a TROLLCAN? Is a person who continuously makes a deliberately offensive or provocative online post with the…
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A Message from Martin.

I want to ask you a question and that is, what is in your life’s blueprint? This is the most important and crucial period of your lives and what you do now and what you decide now at this age, may well determine which way your life shall go. Whenever a building is constructed, you…
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A New Year, A New Resolution; 5 things to consider on your list.

Every big dream has small beginnings. Therefore, writing a new year resolution is a small beginning to a big dream. A new year is around the corner for new beginnings and a time to strengthen old relationships. So have you taken out time to ponder on what you intend on achieving this new year. Below…
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The Boy in search of Santa

Two christmas gone and I never got my red boxes. Most especially we didn't have that chat. I do not know if he finally dyed his wig, Lost his belly-fat or married Mary Jane. DING DONG, for the eleventh time, And it still wasn't him. I must be on my way now. Where did santa…
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