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The Unhappy Wife; Something mattered (Season 1, Episode 4)

It was a new dawn and the skies were looking peaceful as she drove to school. Samantha could not wait to see the strange little boy who had been in her class yesterday. She had so many questions for him. Therefore she kept rehearsing over and over again on how she was going to get…
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Paradise: Who gave us this Garden.

An ultimate abode with a million scents, gorgeous animals, green skies, a sky full of stars, stars near our reach and the richest of lands. Where the land speaks and the oak tree extends it branches, and where no one is graded by their possession, privileges or power, as everyone is equal. Forever awakening in…
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The Unhappy Wife; The Child (Season 1, Episode 3)

Samantha tries calling Lucia’s phone again but it kept ringing without her voice on the other end. It was only normal for her to leave messages on her phone in order to enquire her whereabouts, even though she would normally not go an extra mile. Lucia was gone again before she had woken up. Last…
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The Age Factor: Women, what is wrong with age 30 and 35?

When she was a teenager, she wanted to be thought of as older, as senior girls seemed elegant, fashionable, smart and independent. Now that she is really older, youthful women appear more stylish, sophisticated, trim and attractive. A woman never really stresses much about her age until she reaches age 30 or 35. To suddenly…
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The Unhappy Wife: Who is Alice? (Season 1, Episode 2)

BANG! BANG!! BANG!!! was what she heard that threw her back into reality and out of the bathtub. Without any cloths on she manoeuvres down the geometrical stairs, staggered between the living area and eventually falls on the cold floor when the next “BANG!” followed with an angry loud cry. “The stranger is home again”…
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The 2019 Presidential Debate: A Quick Recap

"How could it be that the seating president and a former vice-president shunned the 2019 presidential debate which held at the Transcorp Hilton, Abuja on Saturday night. This is nothing but a dirty two-sided slap on our hopeful faces." X pj Blaming Buhari’s absence as his reason for boycotting the debate, Atiku said “he cannot…
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