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When are you successful?

“When i buy a new car, people will know I have arrived. I will be known as successful. Success will be my surname. For they will know I have been lifted from grass to grace. You can then refer to me as YM the baddest” says a young man. But I say, “If you think…
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DBIZDOC; A Delivery Man on Legs

New Business alert: A Delivery Man on Legs _________ Have you thought of delivering parcels without owning a motorbike or car? You can become a delivery man or woman without a motorbike. It can be a weekend or day job. The world is evolving faster than you think and if you do not get involved now,…
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A Woman; Slave to the World

A woman; slave to the world If she is beautiful, She sure cannot cook. Ugly young lady, No one will look at her. When good in bed, She is too experienced. When naive to “bedmatics” She is a learner, not enough. If she is always on her phone, She must be cheating. When she has…
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The Listening Period; Give an Ear to the Universe

“The world does have plans for you, but not necessarily your plans” Jecinta Powell When we plan, the universe plans as well. What we plan is mostly very different from what the earth has in store for us. But if you want the universe to provide a better plan on your behalf, one has to…
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Tell me Father; A declaration of love.

Happiness visits in the morning, into the afternoon and at night. Joy seats with me during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Angels guide me in my going out and when I am returning, While divine protectors guide my home as we sleep. Tell me Father, who am I that you are very fond of me. Strength…
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Avengers; Fight your Inner-critic of Self-doubt

“A man wearing a jeans and t-shirt will visit the president if he carries a belief beyond his appearance. Whereas, a woman without confidence will stumble where there is no stone.” - Jecinta Powell. Self-confidence means believing in yourself. You will know who you are and what you stand for. Your actions will be in…
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