10 Lessons: A guide to manipulate your world.

In my thirty something years on earth I have learnt more than a handful of lessons, however these few have suck with me and shaped my whole world, and I thought to share them with you. If you can understand them and somehow become aware of these experiences which has now become lessons, then you will see and navigate life better. The ultimate goal in life is to find success, peace and oneness, and I think, beyond reasonable doubt, that this list of ten lessons are key to a more fulfilling life; a guide to manipulate your world. Study them and keep them in mind!

1 – Complaining doesn’t solve anything

It really doesn’t change anything if all you do is complain about either a situation or habit, and you do nothing to change it. Constant nagging of why something is the way it is only drives one crazy, helpless and most times, angry. It breeds worthlessness. When you assume less of yourself or your situation, you mostly do not make the best judgement. 

2 – Never say never

The universe always has a way to mirror your words back at you. It’s as though a switch. Once “never” is uttered, a knob is turned on to return that which you have rebuked. I see it as a sign from the universe saying “you do not have the power over your life,” and hence makes you to experience that situation. So it’s important not to use this word, ever. Be open minded and go with the flow.

3 – Demand right

Don’t demand from the people who do not have to give. For example, how can you demand respect from someone who doesn’t even have to offer to him or herself. It only leads to frustrations and conflict to think they can. If a person lacks shame or is dishonest, how in God’s name will honestly thrive in the relationship? Why are you surprised when there is a display of shamelessness? People come with certain attributes, some of them just don’t have the mixture you are searching for and you must understand that you cannot add to an already made soup. The little salt here and there will be exhausted at some point and it will again leave you with disappointments, tastelessness and maybe rage. 

4 – Love is within you

A lot of people get roped in ugly situations because they are looking for love. In this quest they become vulnerable, hence marked by those who victimise others. They fail to realise that the love they seek from others is only an illusion, an extended mirror. Knowing that love is crucial to survival, most people think it’s something from the outside, what they must venture into to obtain it. However, Love, which is your essence, is within you to find and when you find it, it is expected to shine onto others. When self-love is discovered, you have the upper hand in any relation or situation. You will not desperately seek for admiration, protection or compassion from elsewhere, for it has now become an addition, and for this reason you will never be compromised or deceived. 

5 – Give without expectations

Expecting from others will only cause you more enemies and disappointments. The best way to avoid conflicts is to not expect in return. Do as much as you can with an open mind and leave the rest not to your imagination but to self-fulfilment. Expectation only opens a can of worms. It is better to avoid it if you want to live a sane life, without grudges and hurt.

6 – Entitlement is a disease

It makes a right-thinking person lazy, sometimes vengeful, with a chip on the shoulders. This equates entrapment. It bounds so much so that you do not feel the need to express, carter, create or contribute to a course. This eventually cripples your creativity, empathy, willingness and wilfulness. It consumes your common knowledge and finally submerges you into a pit of deserving. Remember this, because it is available doesn’t mean it is rightfully yours. No one deserves anything for free, you must display some sort of loyalty, labour, adherence or sensitivity to merit what is given to you.

7 – Power in every word

Each and every word you say has a consequence. It either moulds for good or destroys what has been built. With every word we mend or break, build or destroy, win or lose. One’s vision is either clouded or cleared from the very words they speak each day. Imagine your life is a ship sailing in deep waters and your words are what causes the storm or calms the sea. The power in words upturns all things in existence. Therefore, study the many patterns that reside in spoken words and use them to your advantage. Do yourself a favour and don’t be your own enemy.

8 – Consistency equals success

There is no equation to success that subtracts consistency. The more you want it the harder you consciously fight for it. How do you fight? By putting in the work daily, which would eventually help to emerge from your comfort zone and to become adaptable to change. All these are susceptible to time. One cannot rule “time” out of the equation as consistency here means the continuous amount of time put into something for it to equal progress and then success. Create this habit, and consider time, for anything to flourish.

9 – Humility is a powerful tool

It picks any lock. Opens every door. Use it! The problem there is, is that it cannot be bought, or camouflaged. Humility is a mighty weapon fashioned in a poorly made structure to conceal its magnificence. If being humble appears to be a weakness then you have been lied to and have a lot to unlearn and learn. Only a very few who see a very clear and prosperous future can identify, use and bask in its fruitfulness.

10 – Learn something new everyday 

A room with rundown furnitures shows lack of maintenance. The entire space records lack of progression, a distasteful sight. This is how your brain will become if you fail to progress with the changing times; acquire new knowledge. With fresh comprehension transmitted each day, you get to dust your brain and awaken your subconscious. These are the key elements to your progressive existence. The further you are aware the more you make better choices and this will lead to self-discovery; solve the puzzle that is “Who am I?”. 

Thank you for reading.

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