Difference is Beautiful

We must always see ourselves as the same irrespective of what divides us. Regardless of our varying opinions, lifestyle and philosophy, there is no difference between us. The different stages of wealth should not also be considered as a way to regard a person. Do not address someone with a deference only due to affluence. Let this guide you when you engage with your fellow men, and before criticism starts to creep in. Criticism before actual contact or after knowledgeability fuels bias, and it never adds any sort of positivity in our lives.

The most you can give anyone is respect!
I do not mean hierarchical respect. Be the one that respects other people’s opinion! Be the one that respect their way of life. Respect their culture, believes and mantra. People do not have to voice alike opinions or engage in a similar lifestyle before you accept or admire them. Open your mind to learn the diverse concepts of the world and the living things in it! Difference is beautiful! Change is inevitable!

Starting today, always remember that diversification or différenciation is not limitation or absurdity, before you speak. And before your thoughts starts to discriminate, remember no one is perfect, as we are all ruled, grounded or dwarfed by tradition, religion, environment, knowledge and status. So, we can’t all be the same! And when your mind and words starts to appreciate more often, encourage your tongue and thoughts.

I hope this sits well with you all.
Feel free to discuss.
. 😃

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