Indestructible Relationship 

Indestructible relationships, there is nothing as such. Every relationship can be destroyed. For a better understanding, I will rephrase; unbreakable connections are non-existence. When quality time is not put into anything, it starts to die until it withers away. To achieve shatterproof relations, is needs full time and resources. Not part-time or once in a while attendance. I am talking about everyday. 

Why is there a word such as “maintenance”, because of the inevitable death of everything. Therefore, it is important to maintain everything and anything. Relationships are supposed to be sustained or else it will die. There is no amount of love, for someone or something, that can withstand a collapse, if maintainance is ruled out.

Let’s delve into mutual relationships. If you do not check in with friends, how do they become reliable and supportive. Out of sight is out of mind. Relationships must be nurtured if they mean so much to you. Yes! It is expensive to finance or feed a productive relationship. Having to spend quality time on the phone talking, planning and enquiring, is one. And another is, spending money eating out, traveling, shopping and investing together. These are crucial aspects of expressing compassion, for it to be indestructible.

Let’s look at if from other aspects. The relationship between you and your car comes to an abrupt end the minute you stop adding fuel and oil. Your home starts to deteriorate, breeding negativity when you leave it dirty, locked or unkept. Your family and friends start to become distant when you stop calling them. Refusing to go to school hinders your opportunity to become a graduate. Not working diligently toward a goal will equate failure. Every relationship is expected to be supported. 

However, you must also be certain about the kinds of relationships you are maintaining. Some are a complete waste of your time and money. Are you nourishing what does not add positive value to your life? Do not forget that at the end of the day what you nurture is what you become; it has a significant effect on your life. If you do not maintain your car, you are without one. If you maintain a gossip as a friend, you become bitter. If you continue a life style of  partying, it will live an unproductive life and hence, unsuccessful. 

My advise is that you timely, weed out what doesn’t work for you and water that which will propel you toward a happier life.

Have a great week! 

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