Release the power inside

Every woman is a phenomena of mighty powers, regardless of her religion, status, race, age, career or philosophy. We are born representatives. Our decisions are mostly obtained from a leader’s perspective; she is always making guided judgements at every point in her life — from a teenager and when in adulthood. Why is this so? because she was made as a beacon of hope, what leadership should portray. However, this does not mean we make the best decisions at all times, but from the various capacity which we draw sensible conclusions, should be commended.

To nurture and fully release this great force that resides in us will equate greatness. Therefore, it s paramount for us women to know exactly who we are, especially when complications arise. In acknowledging who we have been called to become in our various lives will help path the way to individual success and hence impact lives from generation to the yet unborn. Grooming others alike and taking responsibility should be our very core. Answering the call of duty without hesitation will awaken the desire and potential in most of us. Especially for those who are still in search of purpose.

It is true that leadership is not by appointment but the zeal to perform; to be present, direct and take charge when necessary. Henceforth, in your social groups, educational institutions and, professional and domestic lives stand in for yourself and the people who need guidance. Teach that which you have amassed and leave an approachable door for a stranger. The teachings of fairness stay not in the hearts of men but in their souls, so I urge you to take up this role, stand up no matter how shallow and make your voices heard, without discrimination or marginalization. Let your decisions make a difference. Let your firm determination inspire confidence in others and move them to actions that are highly beneficial to their aspiration and mental state. This is what makes a GREAT leader.

A leader spreads love to her partner, friends, colleagues, mentors, clients, family and even strangers. Speak well of them and your country, for such habits will surely propel one to greater heights. Gratification and humility are foundations to live a more blissful and peaceful life. It opens the window of enthusiasm and prosperity. When these are in place, positivity beams. Challenges are won, goals are smashed and dreams become a reality. So why not stand in your rightful place, as a revered leader.

Campaigns and initiatives set out to educate and impact, participate in them, especially community projects that empower women and children. On this journey, do not be motivated by rewards or demand for gains let your Heavenly Father worry about your supply. Furthermore, exercise your fundamental human rights for the sake of your country’s sustainable development. You are in turn doing it for yourself and the future of your children’s children..

Your leadership power is waiting to be utilized. Use it well.

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