Not A Robot

I laugh in the silence of darkness
I cry when I see a beautiful butterfly
I dance to the tune of wanting strangers
I care a whole lot for the many unknown
I travel when the road has fallen apart
I work round and over the wall clock
I wear the coat of the rainbow
I heal when there is no medicine
I cook when I am not eating lunch
I never said I was a ROBOT.

I am happy when I touch my smile
I am sad at each passing day of life
I am fun, dancing with my loved ones
I am speaking with the preacher on TV
I am driving to retrieve my lost purse
I am sailing in the middle of nowhere
I am drinking in merriment of a friend
I am angry for there is no mail in the box
I am here watching behind the curtains
No ROBOT in attendance, yet!

My heart is love searching
My mind is in my head
My hands are in the wind
My legs are in the sand
My eyes are on the price
My ears are hanging on
My tongue is ever wanting more
My language is foreign
My dreams are even bigger
With a body that will fail
Who said I am a ROBOT?

Always playful
Open happiness
Impossible is nothing
Just do it
Keep walking
Life is good
Go further
You only live once
I’m loving it
Its finger licking good
Think different
Every little helps
Smart fashion, Smart people
Fly Emirate, Fly better
Because you are worth it
Your potential, our passion
But I am still not a ROBOT!

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