FII- Stubborn to Conquer

We are fighting for our sanity
Many are battling with their marriages
Most are panicking about their jobs
The rich are fearful about investments
Will entrepreneurs be cut off too?
Sources of livelihood down the drain
Some of the many questions at breakfast
Many of the many unease during dinner
The poor is getting swallowed in each passing day
This is a reality that is worrisome.

Is it a time to experience sorrow again?
Today we enjoy, but will I beg for meat tomorrow?
For change is the only constant thing
Turn by turn they say, is it my turn to weep?
But I just started to enjoy the fruit of my labor
I have begin to laugh again with my teeth
We recently started to dance under a new roof
But now we worry if the leak will widen.

I have to be strong for my purpose
I have to look brave in the brewing confusion
I have to act without worries for my sake
I have to speak as though I own my tomorrow
That I am covered and settled and prepared.
Even though the uncertainly takes the image of my dead granny
In my bathroom mirror, calling out my name for the purpose I do not know
If the idea is to make me afraid, yes! VAYACUYA!
I am very scared in a box filled with zombies such as myself.
Will I fail in this new world? What is ‘The New World’ again?
Hold on while I turn off the television, CNN to be precise.

Will The New World favour my craft?
Will I still be in vogue, in demand?
Or will the world want something else?
A trade I cannot give, do not have, cannot see.
What will become of my overtime gimmick!
Please help me! Explain to me stranger
I can see you walking by on lonely Newton’s street
I am here hiding behind, beside the window’s curtains
The wall is freezing from the terror my back releases.

You have fallen to the cold hands of panic
Few are holding on to the keys of evacuation
Some are looking through their bedroom ceiling into oblivion
Pacing from the kitchen and back, many don’t have what to see again
No thoughts on their mind
No picture to frame for tomorrow
Vision dead, Mission aborted.

However the poison’s antidote, we are all petrified
There is horror for what is here, to come and to stay.
But why fear, why choose anxiety and lack
What about peace, positive affirmations and prayer
Choosing not to listen to the dead but to call the living
Using the power of strength, faith and declaration to wait.
I have known that “Only the strong survive”
So will you remain alive, be stubborn to conquer
With metal and mentality, will you fight
Fighting with all your might and saliva
Throwing the last upper punch and beneath kick,
Giving it all you have got, with hope as a topping.

Wrestle my sisters. Roar at the reflection as though a witch.
Choose hope. Step on those broken bridges with a hand on the railing.
Pick peace. Smile at the argument before you but listen in great depths.
Settle positively. Speak away the worries of your loved ones on a round table.
Take it easy. Our path ended before we embarked on “The journey of life.”
Rest in the isolation, for you are not wiser than your creator.

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