Life has the ultimate power of remodelling your very core. Do not let the world take away your soul. Hence, do not allow the wickedness of this world change who you are, for if it does, you loose your purpose. One becomes a wonderer, opened to the looming destruction.


Take my hands he says with a whisper
To the whole world will thy eye welcome
Nights of dreams are long gone with the tides
Tomorrow cometh the traveler with many warnings
Cast him before the gates that I may not listen
To die is to live, to die another is to be reborn
Broken ribs and ankles reformed in existence
Not one day will pass again without breathing
Shouting at the paintings in the quiet corridors
Head dug between my thighs, murmuring into my ears
“Reach he says, REACH”

Falling in the deepness of oblivion, dark is here
Feet and arms float slowly peacefully with the moist
Body deepening to a deafening everlasting call of mystery
Nobody can plan the next even with the surest of time
Music pleasant at wake and frightening at dawn
Lost yet in wait have I embodied a statue of indescribable words
Scream, yes scream something louder of note
“Reach he says, REACH”

Let me go you gift of a Satan
Cast your demons out so i may be free
Take this coins and leave my heart afloat and mind at rest
That I may heed the call of he who entrusts
To run towards his voice and envelop in his utterances
Begotten in his arms to see the fallen stars
Oh help for I have left a little too soon or late
The voices in my head faint but loud, look now
I am lost once again, cold to the emptiness ahead
The wheels are running round and round, about about and turn
“Reach he says, REACH”

Found is the key that was nailed, shaken and weak
Broken is the rope meant to scrag the core
Fallen to the ground tattered in stink, the crown is lost
Curse flow from the mouth, a generational old black poison escapes
Fingers dig hard, uproots the empty of the land in summer sun
Eyes now buried in a fountain of dust, blindness is inevitable
‘Mayday’, venez m’aider, the queen has fallen head down
No eyes have seen yet tongue profess a reckless defeat
Take that which has called you since everlasting and stand now!
“Reach he says, REACH”


Nobody knows if they are doing the right thing or the wrong thing. But as long as its enough for your well-being, you might just do the best thing!


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