In Her Blu

With the use of poetry I like to share my emotions
To give y’all a piece of my heart’s notion
I tell of a girl, no sorry I mean my crush
I want to handle my feeling slow and steady
I want to know when I am ready cause I don’t want to rush.

To be honest I talked to Miracle about it and she told me that I’m in a confused state
WAEC is coming, handle that first meal on your plate
It’s not Miracle, sorry to spoil your fun, but we are just good mates
But the girl in question one day I’d like to take her on a date.

We’ll drive around in a vintage car as I stare into her eyes
Those were the things that made me fall in the first place and boy my feeling are starting to arise
With a vampires smile that sinks deep into my soul
My intentions are of no harm and are of no evil goal.

We don’t talk a lot and to me it’s a concern
How to be boring is something I want to unlearn
I’m not boring at all its just that I’m a lil quiet
I come to life when we have topics to talk about in almost private.

One day when we get comfortable I will tell you all this to your pretty face
Lets take life a step at a time even though it’s a race
One day I’d like to propose in Paris
Kneeling down on a knee, a ring in my hand asking if you would wear this…….


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