mental health


Life is a blank Cheque
She has everything
But you must take what it is you want from her
Life is a trip
You must be careful not to fall
Life is golden
You must obtain the prize
Her medals are yours
But you must run the race
Life is funny
You mustn’t laugh at her jokes
She doesn’t want you frowning
You must have the spice to life

“Life no balance”
“Life no balance”

It depends on your scale
You must weigh your chances
Else chances weigh you
Opportunities doesn’t come but once
When you learn to create them
Life is a school
Her lessons are not taught in class
You learn as you go
Mistakes can cost a lot
You pay less when you are subscribed to someone else’s experience
Life is fair
But some choose to live under her shades
Life is a choice
Make the most of it.


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