Away from Agnes


Sitting here with my lady Paula
I see a familiar dance of persuasion
Looking fixedly from a distance, my mouth is agape
The way Agnes moves above the hips yet again
Her physique communiqué is on a hundred as always
A finger in her mouth licking seductively to tempt
Yet she is not looking my way, poor Michael, beggarly Me
She has her eyes in between time, in another Star
Oh! her glance is on the dude in blue erected by the door
Making sure no one steals the meal of the hour.
Take me away from her

Now I am swinging my hips to her rhythm
Kissing her on the hip, loosening my necktie so I don’t suffocate
Her bum is enticing my phallus as she puts her back deep into me
My baby my baby! We sing along to the song like old times
Smiling at each other, we spark as though fireworks in the dawn
Our eyes are flooded with memories of happy times
Sadness has built a line between our cheek all of a sudden
Everyone here is looking at us, wanting more from the lovebirds
Their eyes on the dance floor and mine too day dreaming of Agnes
Take me away from her


You will jump into my arms at the door
Showing all the items bought at the supermarket in our kitchen
Never surrendering the leftover money due to the surprising discoveries
As I watch, flour on my nose when baking my special pie, I am happy
Help me with the spoon, you would say as I wait anxiously to taste
At dinner I would anticipate your sheepish wink from across the table
I always smile back knowing what will happen to me in bed
A lost place just for us, away from an exposed reality that is fearfully painful
Then, you would watch prime with me and chill
Later in the night I would watch you sleep
Take me away from her


I am waiting for your return without hope
Your room is still vacant, a realisation of the emptiness in my home
I hear he handles with care and loves your favourite colour, Blue
The pictures of you both on Instagram is highly devastating to discern
A jealousy that will finally ruin me or a plan to steal again will I uncover
The girl here cannot compare to you, Paula doesn’t even have your bright eyes
I watch her in regret as I am not my best, not devoted, not taken between her legs
Why did I ever find you then fail to keep sight of this sweet thing
Forever will I loathe myself for my foolishness, for allowing the demons take the wheel
Our beautiful life I drove across the desert and off a mountain top, leaving us for death
Failing to succeed once more, now I watch like a hawk as you dance in Steve’s arms forever.
Take me away from her


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