mental health


Just as a river, lake it appears
Heart trickles down in search of you
To bathe thou deeply in silence
Remoulding finely under the uproar
A showoff to see eventually by a crowd
Standing before a mass, a star is surviving
Knocked down swiftly, then, now and again.

Simple images you try to manipulate
Pushing to soil my washed hands
Cursing with my lips have I forgotten
Crushing now with feet I failed to muster
Absence living is pain, return will I not
I hate you too reality, thou I once loved.


Reproach the noisy tongue
Disregard the pounding feet
Quench the flaming peer
Swaying hips only misleads
It throws off the idea of the reek
There is no truth to her dance
No growth under her concealing wig
Empty artificial flower is yet staged
A true definition of a no show.

Lock these feelings apart and forever
It fetches emptiness, only makes a leak
A time never to be bright or borne
Flagrant is theirs all season long
Leftover is not thou even at dawn
Brawny is you, virtuous and truth
Cast the certainty away for desire
Leave the yuck to play in the retained mire
A new mankind will emerge from the fallen.

X pj

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