The Cry for Change

We march with our cardboards to demand for our right to live.
You say that is too much to ask but it is not yours to take or give.
We sing, we dance, together we gather to pray.
You step out of your vans and with your guns you spray.

Why do you kill the people you swore to protect
You harass and torture, and because of the way we dress you arrest
We arise and stand demanding to see Nigeria change
With your guns and ammunition you cause to shoot us down range

Nigeria is a blessed and wonderful nation.
We want good roads, electricity and access to proper education.
We want a good Nigeria for the future generation.
We want a change in this government’s administration.

The white in our flag turned blood red
The once peaceful Nigeria is filled with blood shed
A lot of innocent lives shot dead
While the politicians that caused this chaos are sleeping peacefully on their warm beds.

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  1. This is poetry. You bled anger and truth to the paper. So much violence and struggle in our world. I wish I knew how to fix. It will take a miracle. What do our children see? I pray we learn before it is too late. Every life had value and we must ensure. Every child had shelter, food and opportunity. Thank you for sharing the powerful and needed words.


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