In Love with The Devil- Episode 14

Three hours ago

Bryan’s POV

I watched Nicole as she rubbed her eyes, it was probably blurry, she widened it and tilted her head, she tried to move but she staggered on the chair. Fuck! She’s drunk the alcohol scent had taken over the room now.

Nicole are you okay?” Nina said moving towards her. But she stopped her by raising her index finger and saying, “I’m fine…. I’m very fine I will manage on my own…. Attend to the guest please” she said putting her hand together as a sigh of plea.

I will take you up you’re drunk” Nina says but she stopped her again.


Who is she?” Mom asked looking at her with pity.

That Nicole Silvia my assistant, she had no where to stay so I let her stay in my house” I said.

Then mom frowned “and she got drunk?, doesn’t she have any shame

She’s not like that, she got together with an old friend today that’s probably why she’s drunk” Nina said defending Nicole as always.

An old friend?” I and mom asked in unison.


NO” Nicole yelled “NO….I got drunk because of you Bryan” she called me my name that’s really odd cause it felt good.

Me?” I asked playing along, she’s drunk maybe she would say something I would like to hear.

Yes you Bryan Wright… You” she tried to stand up but stumbled again, this time she could have fallen but Nina helped her up and said…

I should take you to your room

Yes please do” mom said already getting irritated.

NO” Nicole yelled again and turned to Bryan, then bent down awkwardly, rubbed her eyes and widened it then she poked my nose.

You are such a bossy man, and why the hell do you hate me huh, favorite boss” she blurted out.

I smiled liking the free movie right in front of me. “Uh he’s smiling” she stood up, this time falling into my arms. She squealed, then the twins who have been watching silently laughed.

A wide grin grew on her face then she crossed her hands on his neck, raising her eyebrow consequently she said…”handsome boss why don’t you kiss like you did the other day” Bryan frowned and everyone gasped.

I will come back tomorrow morning” mom said, as she rose probably feeling uncomfortable cause the twins were present.

No mom….

No don’t worry ” she smiled and with that she left. I got really angry I just met my mom again today and Nicole made her leave. And I wonder what idea she has about us now.

I looked down at Nicole and saw that she was already sleeping, laying her head on my chest, she mumbled some words about hate but I didn’t hear clearly.

I looked up and saw Nina smiling. “Don’t even…. Just wipe that thought off your mind” I warned and then she shrugged and said “okay

No that’s not what I meant” I said but she grinned and ran to the kitchen.

I had no choice but to carry Nicole upstairs, and I did, I loved how she slept in my arms and I didn’t want to put her on her bed, I hated the feeling.

But when I tried to she tightened her grip so I sat on the bed resting my back. I tried to take off my cloth and I was able to, it was nice watching her sleep, I tucked her hair that fell over her face at the back of her ear and stroke her cheek with my thumb.

Oh God, what I’m doing, I need to leave this room but I just found myself staring at the angel sleeping.

I heard a knock on the door and I asked who it was, it was Bianca.

I brought some coffee, and some food she needs it or else She’ll fall sick.

Okay, I will make her eat it” I said feeling like a stupid protector, I winced at the thought.

Okay” Bianca said and left. I tried to wake Nicole up and what she said left me dumbfounded.

Take me to the shower please” I’m not her husband is she crazy oh c’mon. Despite this I took her to the shower, God forgive me, I could not close my eyes while taking of her cloth, she is a gem, a beauty that I can’t compare, she is pure, a saint, she was different.

Oh my God! I’m going to have sleepless night after this, oh God, I left her in the shower and took my cloths. I heard her puke in the bathroom, thank God she didn’t do that on me. I left her room, ones she showers she might get conscious and would think Bianca had undressed her, I hope.

I tried to close my eyes while on my bed but I couldn’t. I tried to cover my head with a pillow to stop remembering her words, I’m sick, that is the truth, I’m very sick that the only explanation that would make me not stop myself when she asked me arrggh.

Fuck! I need to see a doctor I’m running mad.

I heard my phone beep and it was a message from Stella…

Babe I miss you, should we meet…I saw you found your mom, It on air now, I’m happy for you babe…..let’s meet by Tuesday, I will be expecting you….. Xoxo Stella.

I read the text message and rolled my eyes, I wonder why those paparazzi don’t want to leave me alone.

Stella, maybe she’s what I need, maybe she’d play the role of a doctor, maybe she can help. I really need help….geez.

I looked up suddenly sensing someone in the room it’s Nicole and she was naked..

Wh…. Wh…wh…wh…wh. .what ar…..are you doing?” I said stammering nervously.

She crawled on the bed and I was moving back already sweating. What the hell is she doing?, who the fuck got her drunk that made her turn this way?.

I wanna be your doctor” she said, licking her lips flirtatiously.

Oh good lord, I’m running mad, she’s fucking in my head.

Get away from me!” I yelled almost stumbling on the floor. Then I heard another voice, it was Nina’s.

What wrong Bri? Are you okay?” She asked with a concerned look on her face.

I looked around but saw no sign of Nicole, I looked under the bed just to be sure, then sighed with relieved, and got confused, was it all in my head?.

Bryan!” Nina yelled. Holding my face in her hands. “Are you okay?

Yes! Yes! I’m fine” I yelled back.

Okay” Nina said releasing her hands.

Yeah…wh..why did you come to my room?” I asked.

Bianca said she’s not going to let you go to bed with a hungry stomach so she asked you to come down to eat

I followed her down and while I was eating in the kitchen, I suddenly heard Nicole voice. “Thanks Bianca the food was magnificent

I wanted to take another spoon but the hot casserole poured on the table and I had no idea how.
Everyone gasped.

You are not drunk Bryan, why are acting like you are?” Nina said looking down at the mess I made. But one thing freaked the hell out of me.

Nicole was never there.

Stay tuned for Episode 15 next week Wednesday.

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