I think empty pockets carry the most expensive of dreams
But reality can afford any of it
Is the question when or maybe how?
Do we wait for time to happen or should we happen to time?
Will you plant, pluck and smell your own roses
Or will you rather wait for a knock on the door that says I brought you flowers
I don’t think it’s about what we want or how it’s done
I think it’s about doings
What we do before it’s dawn.


Am not saying there isn’t time for everything
Am saying there’s timing in everything
Before the clock sees an hour, the second must sail sixty times
Before the big day when you break through
There are nights you’d spend with the moon
That’s how stars do.

Before the hatch of a miracle, there must be an incubation of the eggs
Someday the clouds will pour and you’d reign
But today you must gather and storm
If you have to craw until your lightening strikes
Do it!


If you can fly don’t wait for time
The most important thing is we move!
I know empty pockets carry the most expensive of dreams
But your reality can afford it
The systems may have the currencies
But you’re the money
You may not have all it takes
But you’re the resources
Gather and storm
You’re enough
If you feel empty
Add some weight
Until you change the gear and drive
You may never arrive
It’s no use staying neutral.

Categories: poetry

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