Cry a little to cleanse you.
Because what I tell you is not a lie.
Today I am going to teach you to be wise.
Chase away the flies and listen to my rhymes.

In it there is nothing to fear.
They are of the dreams we hold near.
One day certainly we’ll get there.

The things our imagination fashion.
The desire, its live like fire.
These are things we dream of and we don’t grow tired.

Let’s not forget you have to work day and night.
Holding your candle which is your light.
In all this it’s sleep you try to fight.
Put your feet in cold water, slap yourself in the face, look into the light which is painfully bright.

In you a dream was born.
It’s not fantasy like a unicorn.
You got the skills any could tell.
Hold on to your dreams like its your cartel.


Categories: poetry

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