Dining in Hades; Episode 12

The chronicles of a high profile gigolo

I woke up disoriented. I had agreed with Yvette that going home was not the best option, now that there was a big chance of sorting the issue with Pope out, it was best that I kept a low profile. However as I stared down at Yvette’s head where it lay on my exposed chest, I began to question the outcome of the whole plan, her plan. I admit that more than once before this whole thing went down, it had occurred to me that she would make a good life partner; if I ever decided to settle for one that is. Now that she was forcing my hand however, I saw things differently; yes the soft spot was still there but she wasn’t the docile, malleable and polished girl I thought she was. This was a hard, cold and calculating woman and I had no doubt if I messed up, it would be the death of me as she had promised, my biggest fear however was not the part involving other women, yes there was a big chance I would stray at some point, after all, she was talking about marriage and kids, a whole life time, but then I am very sure I can cover my tracks without any issues.


My biggest fear was what could happen if she felt I let her down at any point, doing any of the million things that one could and would do during a life time. I was sure her threat would not only be limited to “women” at that point. Or what if she got bored with me? Yes she could let me go but then again she could kill me. It was at this point that it occurred to me that if I killed her first and I had access to all the money; then it would be a win-win situation for me. I toyed with the idea for a while and then smiled ruefully as I discarded it. I was many things but a killer wasn’t one of those things.

Hey baby.” she stretched as she looked up at me, I had to admit getting married to Yvette was not a totally bad idea but certainly not under these circumstances and not at this point in my life. It was difficult to believe this woman could kill me, but after talking to Yvette the night before, I knew she was capable of things I couldn’t even begin to fathom.

“You want some coffee?” she had sat up in a lotus position after pecking me on the cheek.
Yes please, and good morning.” Coffee was not a bad idea, I really needed to think and this required a clear head.


I smelt the coffee way before it got to me and I was ready with my first idea by the time she handed the mug to me.
Hey babe.”
” she responded as she carefully sipped her coffee.
This whole thing yeah?  How about we pay off everyone and stay here in Nigeria, make a honest living. We could pool our resources together you know, our ideas too. I’m sure together we could make it big in no time. And then we could get married, have the biggest society wedding ever.” I finished with a flourish.

Her smile told me she wasn’t buying it, it didn’t get to her eyes.
Faruk, you and I know it could never work, first off, there isn’t enough money to do this, what about the ridiculous profit we promised Pope? We are paying it out of the pool remember?
Yes I do but we could come up with that portion, with my money and of the money, we could also delay paying one or two of the others. Pope is about the most dangerous of them.


And Chief Jacob?”
“I am sure we can find a way around that babe.”
“You think I’m not that important to him? That because I am not his wife, it won’t matter to him that I am now with you? Okay assuming you were right about that, you think he’ll let me stay with you and still let you keep the money as well? Use your head Faruk.
” The hardness returned to her voice and her eyes.

Let’s think some more about this babe, I’m sure we could come up with some plan that doesn’t involve us eloping.”
“Eloping? You selfish bastard
” she spat, “you really want me to help you think up a plan, to help you escape from getting married to me. Faruk, you really are lucky I feel this way about you and that I know that somewhere in your selfish mind you actually do love me otherwise, I’d disappear with the money and leave you to face whatever Pope has to dish out.


She silenced me by raising her hand “If you push this any further, I will leave with the money, all of it, without a trace. Trust me it won’t be so hard. I will get over you and I will live that good life. All I need is to have Florence with me, after all we have taken on life alone before now, we haven’t done badly and I’m sure we can do it again and better with this kind of money.

I had no doubt Yvette was capable of carrying out this threat, she had me right where she wanted me. I saw no other way out. I sipped my coffee, it was bitter. I dropped my mug on the bedside stool and reached out for Yvette with a smile. She hesitated and then dropped her mug before spinning around and dropping into my arms.


Let’s do this babe.” I told her.
We will pay the ransom, I will speak to my mum before I leave the country, I will tell her I am leaving as it is the only way to save her life. I will tell her I will be back someday. And yes I will be back some day, on my own terms. I have to come back here, I have to get where I have always planned to be because this is not how my story ends.


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