How deep?
How much more?
How much more fall?
The rivers of life came with depths uncertain
I must learn not just to bend the currents
But butterfly across it’s seafloor
Learn to walk on waters
Not cave in under it’s roar
Sing my own songs
Not drown in the music from uptown
When will you become the fire?
When will you tell the heat you’ve had enough?
Hands free from slavery to hard-knocks
Live your dreams not caught in the shadows
Chains free not imprisoned by systems


How much more?
How deep?
How much more fall?
The journey of life is unbalanced
We must learn to spring across its path
Never settling for what’s beneath
Grounds don’t break except you live above the norm
We must learn to write our own narratives
Be the artist of our own graffiti
Life can feel like a predator sometimes
Our only way out is to always checkmate

Darkness would always grow thicker
If light doesn’t cut through
How much light you can see
Is how much light you can become

10 Lessons: A guide to manipulate your world.

If a person lacks shame or is dishonest, how in God’s name will honestly thrive in the relationship? Why are you surprised when there is a display of shamelessness? People come with certain attributes, some of them just don’t have the mixture you are searching for and

2023 Nigeria Elections

In my opinion, there is absolutely nothing wrong to field a same-religion presidential joint ticket. Nothing wrong with it! However, the emergence of a Muslim-Muslim ticket

Motivational Speakers

Let us ventilate The reasoning against motivational speakers In more recent times, some are of the notion that advising others is a complete waste of time, due to the declining trust held for pastors, coaches, professors, mentors or general speakers. Hence, many have taken different platforms, especially social media, to express dissatisfaction for speakers who…

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